[monthly inspiration] May 2019

may inspiration


I love May, mostly due to the fact that I’m a May baby, but it’s also the season when my plants are thriving and sprouting new leaves like it’s no one’s business. And it’s finally acceptable to drink iced coffee without people looking at you like you’ve gone absolutely bonkers.

I have so many plans for May, expanding the shop, travelling, experimenting with art styles, and drawing more bouquets and flowers. Oh! Also drinking more bubble tea!

But more on the plans next time. I’d like to share what I’ve been inspired by lately:


I realise this was also the first item in my April Inspiration but is it really a surprise to anyone? Especially when 90% of my work composes of flowers and plants? My plant children are thriving, my sweetheart Hoya has sprouted three leaves in a week, the cactus is growing new “ears”, my dragon fruit cactus is growing a new limb, and not to mention my other leafy plants.

The tea tree flowers in our community is also blooming proudly, along with other unidentified flowers. I think the saturation in nature is the reason I’ve also been using more colour in my art recently.

Taylor Swift

I love Taylor Swift. She’s the one artist I’ve followed from the start of their career and I could talk about how insanely I’m proud of her but I’ve already done so on Instagram. I was immediately attracted to the colours and vibe of her latest single, ME!, I’m so here for the pastel. While I still think Red is her best album, I cannot wait to see how inspiring Taylor’s new album is going to be.

Adobe Creative Type

I know, this is a weird thing to be inspired by. But I loved doing the test, the design was super cute and it was interesting to read about the different types of creative people. Any other Dreamers out there? I may or may not already have a collection of Dreamers-inspired drawings.

bear paw succulent

All in all, April was an amazing month (not without its ups and downs), so here’s to hoping that May will be equally awesome if not better!

What have you been inspired by lately?